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Why use Access Studios?

Access Studios® specialise in providing clients a choice of all-inclusive and on-demand recording services in a wide range of central London studio facilities.

Choice of Studios

Pick from a range of professional studios to find the right fit for each project, budget or client.


Studios available to book from just 30 minutes, including weekends, evening and overnights. A fully on-demand service.

Cost Effective

All inclusive studios bookings, including staff, equipment and unlimited recordings.

Who we work with

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Get your corporate message heard. From Chairman's video messages to engaging company announcements, we are experienced in providing high-quality multimedia content for corporate communications and investor relations.

Corporate PR & Communications

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From start-up to multinational corporation, we are is an effective way for companies of any size to develop and build video and audio marketing material to maximise cost-efficiency.


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Hiring a studio is an effective way to create realistic scenarios and bring authenticity to training sessions. Recording exercises allows for instant playback and performance review, as well as giving clients material to watch and learn from after training.


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From one-off special broadcasts to daily digital livestreams, we are experienced with working with content creators in television, radio and photography.

Content Creators


From recording a news package, delivering a freelance photoshoot, or simply practising a broadcast for an upcoming job, we make it easy for organisations and freelancers to manage production expenditure.

Journalists & Broadcasters