COVID-19: Getting Started with Audio and Video at Home

Understanding how to get the best video and audio quality at home has never been more important. 

We are creating free training videos on how to get the best quality without spending a penny on new equipment.

Getting Started

This video runs through the basic structure of the video series, and offers some key advice to prepare anyone looking to record at home in the coming weeks.

Setting-up for Recording

Where is the best place to go in your house when using a camera and microphone?

This video runs through basic considerations for how to get the best quality content from home.

Using Video at Home - Essentials

Whether it's for a video call or recording a new message, this video outlines how to avoid some common mistakes and maximise the quality of your camera.

Using Audio at Home - Essentials

In audio, the audience can't see you - so try to use it to your advantage.

This video explains the best ways to get crisp and clear vocals when in a noisy home environment. 

Going Live: How to record your first content

What's the easiest way to record new content at home?

This video goes through key hints and tips on how to complete your first recording on your phone or computer.