Case Study: Livestream


March 2020




Access Studios was approached by ConservativeHome to provide a last-minute livestream solution for an upcoming evening event. They required a central London television studio to stream an interview to a private guest-list. The broadcast also required interactive capabilities with guests who were watching remotely. 



Pre-Production - Access Studios designed a production outline for the event and compiled a list of recommended studios in central London which matched the specifications. The list was sent through to the ConservativeHome team within 3 hours of the initial enquiry. Bespoke graphics were created with the ConservativeHome logo for a selected greenscreen set, alongside title graphics and opening and closing slates. A livestream was formatted and scheduled with a professional software platform, including with password protection for additional security. To ensure ease of use for remote guests, an instructions sheet was created for distribution on how to access the livestream and engage in the Q&A section.


The lead Producer arranged a conference call to brief the ConservativeHome team and presenter on the mechanics of the broadcast and answer any questions. A broadcast timetable was distributed which included a final briefing and rehearsal time prior to going live. 

Broadcast - An Access Studios Studio Operator arrived early at the studio and prepared the facility for the broadcast, including testing the streams. The Operator led a walk-through of the broadcast with the ConservativeHome team. A live feed of the program was set-up on a TV the greenroom for staff to watch. The event began to broadcast on time. Water was provided in the studio for the presenting talent as the event was expected to last over an hour.


The event was successfully live-streamed on time and without any technical disruption to the private audience. Full interactive conversation was achieved between the studio presenters and remote guests. Access Studios also send provided digital creatives of the livestream for ConservativeHome to use in digital promotion.


"We were very impressed to receive a high-quality live broadcast, at short notice, all with great service and a smile throughout. Rob and the team could not be more helpful and accommodating."

Mark Wallace, Chief Executive, ConservativeHome

Case Study: Podcast


December 2019-January 2020




Access Studios was approached by Betconnect to produce and record their pilot podcast series. They required a central London podcasting studio at a competitive price for one host and up to 3 guests, with the ability to patch in another guest remotely. Access Studios oversaw recording and post-production of the series. 



Planning & Consultancy - Access Studios designed a production outline for the podcast series and compiled a list of recommended studios in central London which matched the specifications. The list was sent through to the lead content  manager, along with suggestions for audio imagery, such as intro/outro music beds. An Access Studios producer reviewed the podcast structure and assisted with the scripting for the pilot episode. A production operations sheet was distributed which included a final briefing prior to the first recording. 

Production/Distribution - An Access Studios Studio Operator managed the studio recording, liaising directly with the audio engineer to ensure the facility was prepared prior to client arrival. Access Studios briefed the audio engineer on the technical recording specifications to reduce disruption during the recording hour and directed the recording from the studio gallery. Access Studio professionally edited the raw audio to remove any outtakes and unwanted noise; the audio imagery was mixed with the recording to produce the final podcast, which was sent to the client for approval within 24 hours.  


The podcast was published within a couple of days of recording and received positive reviews from the industry. Betconnect returned to record a second podcast with Access Studios.


"Rob is a first-class podcast producer who is able to produce a refined, professional, finished product with an impressively rapid turnaround. We were able to record our podcasts in convenient studios directly sourced by Rob and everything was already set up long before the guests arrived. Rob was quickly able to put the guests at ease, with the recording equipment and a sound editor all in position ready to go as soon as we were.


It was a pleasure to use Rob to record our podcasts and I wouldn't hesitate to put him at the top of my list were anyone to ask me for any recommendations for podcast producers in the future."

Oliver Brett, Senior Content Editor, Betconnect

Case Study: Comms Training


January 2020




Access Studios provides professional television and radio studios for select PRCA training courses and campaigns. The PRCA is the the World's largest PR & Communications member organisation. The PRCA training team wanted to innovate their communications courses to take advantage of professional broadcast capabilities.



Pre-Production - Access Studios reviewed the PRCA training syllabus and identified training courses which would benefit from being in a broadcast studio. The team compiled a list of recommended studios in central London which were best suited to the exact requirements of each training course and collaborated with the training team to design creative studio production possibilities for each course. Access Studios spoke to each trainer individually to establish their priorities for each session and created new broadcast exercises for approval. Catering was organised through Access Studios' approved supplier.

Production - An Access Studios Studio Operator arrived prior to each training session to prepare each facility, including checking every stage of the client experience, from the entrance greeting to meeting room refreshments. The Operator worked to support the trainer throughout the day to maximise the training quality, including putting bespoke graphics/logos in each recording for a highly-personalised broadcast experience. The Operator resolved any technical or facility queries throughout the sessions, leaving the trainers free to focus on their delegates. Access Studios sent the exercise recordings to the trainer through a secure download link immediately after each session.


Access Studios completed the scheduled training sessions, with the PRCA receiving positive reviews from their delegates about the quality of the new training experience.


"Since partnering with Access Studios, we have been extremely impressed with the quality of the media studios. Rob and the team have given our media training delegates an excellent service from start to end. Getting to choose from a varied range of locations to suit our needs has also been extremely beneficial. We’re delighted to continue training PR and Communications professionals from across the UK with Access Studios as the PRCA Studios and Production Partner."

Souha Khairallah, PRCA Talent and Professional Development Director, PRCA

"I received a brilliant introduction to media interviews during my training session at Access Studios. I enjoyed having the chance to practise the skills taught using the TV recording software and receiving direct feedback to help develop my skills."

Noel, Training Delegate