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Membership organisations and educational institutions supporting media, journalism and performing arts receive the benefits of Access Premium at no charge.

Free to join

Access Premium is completely free of charge to join. The scheme is aimed at organisations and institutions with a membership body across media, journalism and performing arts.

Access Premium Studio Rates

Exclusive discounts on Pay as you go studio services are available to membership bodies. Services can be further subsidised by organisations to match a desired pricing structure.

Membership Selling Point

Promote access to affordable multimedia studio facilities as a perk of organisations membership.

Personalised booking

Organisations receive an individual booking page with customised branding, and unique studio opportunities and pricing. Booking pages are protected with a private web link with the option of password protection.

Bespoke studio sessions

Collaborate with Access Studios to design bespoke studio opportunities to fit specific needs or desires of members or students at the best possible price.

Studio Flexibility

Discounted rates on studio services are extended for the purpose of internal events and training, including courses, social events and marketing recordings.