About Access Studios

Hiring multimedia recording studios in central London is expensive. Studios can be focused on the needs of large production companies, with weighty equipment hire costs and lengthy minimum booking periods.

Access Studios is a new concept providing studio hire and recording services. The service collaborates with London studios to offer financially accessible, flexible and all-inclusive studio services, designed for the needs of organisations, institutions, professionals and students in media, journalism and performing arts.

Who we are aimed at

Organisations & Institutions

From media training providers to multimedia production companies, services are priced to offer professional studio facilities whilst keeping costs down. Access Studios is an effective way for companies of any size to explore video and audio marketing at an affordable budget.

Freelancers & Professionals

Priced to help professionals and freelancers to access production facilities to produce high quality content whilst managing production expenditure. From recording a news story, delivering a freelance photoshoot, or simply practising a broadcast for an upcoming job.

Students & Educators

Discounted student membership supports students to record high-quality showreels and practice the skills learnt in course curriculum. 30-minute student session are £49.98. Student membership lasts for 3 years.